1. 12 Top Tips to Shoot Professional Profile Photos

    01 Jun 2020
    Would you like to update your Linked In profile photo? Here is my step by step illustrated guide to creating professional profile photos, using only your smartphone. Please note the pictures in this post where taken during the Lockdown 2020 and are for illustrative purposes only! Tip #1 Location  Indoor…

  2. Buxton and Leek College

    09 Jul 2018
    Here is a recent shoot I did for Buxton and Leek College, the focus was on capturing some new images of students undertaking their studies. I also had to capture full length portraits that could be used as case studies in their next prospectus.  I have worked with young people…

  3. Derby Fashion Show 2018

    03 Jul 2018
    I love shooting live events, it’s the unknown that seems to keep me on my toes and feeds my pulse. I have photographed fashion catwalks for 20 years now and originally my brief was to capture the traditional straight on runway shot. These days it is more about telling a…

  4. Using coloured gels

    26 Apr 2018
    The Bloomberg Suite is a ‘state of the art’ computer suite for Economics students. Photographing people looking at computers is always a challenging prospect. However the Bloomberg software with its colourful graphs and statistics made a refreshing change from trying to make an excel document look sexy. Part of my…

  5. Top 5 photography tips for creating great case studies

    19 Jan 2018
    You remember the phrase ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words, question is, are you making the most of it? Pictures not only attract the viewer’s attention to your content but they can hold it by telling a story and enticing them to want to know more! When planning a…

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