Derby Fashion Show 2018

I love shooting live events, it’s the unknown that seems to keep me on my toes
and feeds my pulse.

I have photographed fashion catwalks for 20 years now and originally my brief was
to capture the traditional straight on runway shot. These days it is more about
telling a story and capturing images that can be used both in print and on the
web. I have to consider these multiple uses and leave space for type, pull out
quotes and allow for the various formats of social media.

I see fashion design as always seeking to break the boundaries of what we think
is current and I attempt to reflect this approach in my photography. I like to
experiment and push my photography further, rather than recreating the same
image year after year. I am also experimenting with short films and clips, this is an area I wish to continue to develop.

I seek to capture a mood and atmosphere, for me it is the whole experience of the
show rather than just the items the models are wearing.

For this shoot I decided to use my mirrorless Fuji kit as it is lightweight and
fast to use. You get less light than DSLR’s, but I like the electronic
viewfinders as they are great for giving you a clear idea of what you are

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