Richard Richards Photography | Commercial Photographer - Derby

Derby Fashion Show

I really enjoy photographing fashion catwalk shows and thrive on the challenge of capturing the collections and performance in new ways. Photographing creative work can inspire and push me to experiment with different techniques. The techniques I have used complement both the subject matter and the designs of the fashion collections. As with any photo assignment it is important to shoot a wide variety of viewpoints from close up to wide. You also need to consider where the pictures will be used and leave room for copy. I am especially happy with the detail shot showing the legs of the models, focusing on their feet and choosing to emit the faces adds intrigue. The long sleeves of the garments become the focal point, along with the reflections on the catwalk. The fashion show was held at the Derby Theatre and was part of the Big Show University of Derby.


This was an amazing performance to photograph, I love the challenge that live performance offers. When I photograph these dress rehearsals I have no prior knowledge of the choreography or the lighting conditions. It is a surprise to me and this is what I thrive on, the unique experience happening in front of my eyes. With this type of shoot you have to convey the mood and atmosphere of both the movements and interactions between the performers. The quality and direction of light plays a massive part in the drama and helps to intensify the themes and narrative. Thank you to the University of Derby BA Dance Degree students for a fantastic performance at Deda.


Great portrait shoot with Geoff, using one bare flash light and some daylight coming through his big modern windows. I decided to play around in post production with the overall look and feel of the images. I think it adds an extra layer and intensity to the feel of these portraits and complements the mood and atmosphere of the lighting and the sitter. 

Geoff is a big Jazz fan and over the years has spent most of his spare time building up the Derby jazz scene.

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